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Hello friends, I'm Megan Olson

I'm a beer loving, vegetable gardening, dog mom of three. I'm 6 feet tall, which means I'm typically the tallest girl in the room, but it does give me a great vantage point to take pictures from and I'm super easy to spot in a packed reception hall. I love building relationships with people, but I'm also the one who can be found on the ground hanging out with the dog at a party. I'm always down to make a new four legged friend, so your pups (or other pets) are always welcome to join our session.

More About Me

"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in them do."

-Andy Warhol

Can you see yourself in my photos?

Taking pictures should be something fun that you look forward to, not a dreaded waste of a Saturday afternoon. I strive to create moments in sessions and at weddings instead of putting you in pose after pose after pose. I want to get you pictures that are genuine and authentic, not staged with fake laughs. When you look at your pictures, I don't just want you to see a pretty image: I want to bring back a memory.

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